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Heaters for your marquee event

The UK climate means you’ll no doubt need a heater to keep your guests or event attendees warm at your outdoor wedding, party, or business gathering.

We have a range of heating solutions for your marquee event. And what’s more, we’ll be on-hand to expertly set everything up for you.

Our oil-fired heaters will keep the temperature perfect for your outdoor event. A useful addition to almost every event we help to organise – our heaters are also available to hire separately.

Discretely located outside the marquee, they’re capable of providing heat for up to 12 hours on one tank of fuel.

And what’s more, our heaters are purchased from reputable manufacturers – designed specifically to heat marquees.

We’ll arrive at your event location in plenty of time to assemble the heaters – and if needs be – create a warm environment before your event guests or attendees even arrive.

You don’t have to worry about which heater is best, or how you’re going to keep people warm – we’ll handle it all for you – from start to finish.